Application for membership to the Directory of Ordinex’s Experts

Admission as a Full Member Ordinex is subject to, in addition to the statutory requirements, principles set out below :

The candidate for membership must :

  • Be aged at least thirty years
  • Have never been convicted
  • Provide a curriculum vitae giving his situation family and stating his titles, attributes, decorations, past or present activities
  • Justify a professional minimum of ten years and a professional identification
  • Provide, where appropriate, a statement of its work and publications in technical, artistic or scientific
  • Have a sponsor member of Ordinex, engaging vis-a-vis the candidate
  • Consider the party representing the Expert as a pair and not as an adversary
  • Have in any circumstance attitudes serene, honest and copies

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    Upon accession, new Membre undertakes to observe the statutes of the NGO. The Expert is responsible for the studies and he is the author. Moral responsability, profesional civil or fixed by national laws Indoor disciplines in wich they work.

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